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  • Key Vitamins & Minerals
  • BCAAs
  • Over 200 Whole-Food Nutrients
  • 32 Servings
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Lacking Energy?

Non-Synthetic Vitamin B12, L-Glycine, L-Alanine, Maca Root & Safflower extract – Tap into Keto transitioning for greater fat efficient energy sourcing, more Central Nervous System fuel and longer sustained muscular performance endurance.

Cellular Detoxification

We appreciate the efficacy of immune-boosting and the need for broader access to the thousands of phytochemicals, such as Resveratrol and Quercetin, found in fruits, leafy greens, grains, and selected botanicals. These phytochemicals also possess important cellular cleansing attributes. It’s clear that compounds like TMG (Trimethylglycine), not Trimethylamine, play a significant role in toxin elimination and cellular rejuvenation.

Regular intake of fenugreek extract has been demonstrated to enhance our body’s natural detoxification processes, promoting both endocrine and renal health.

Need A Mood Boost?

Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Choline, Sea Water Extracted Magnesium, L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Methionine, Omega 3s & Green Tea – Are researched backed to help treat mood disorders, including depression.

Need Support For Your Immunity?

With Vitamins; B12, C, (Natur’Sci Ascorbate-Mineral & Whole Fruit Concentrates) D and E, Zinc, L Arginine, Onion, Garlic, Oregano, Elderberry, Blueberry, Lemon Peels and Resveratrol Antioxidant POWER – Support the On-Going battle against infectious invaders and premature Aging.

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Research reported Sea Extracted Magnesium to be Super Bio-Available and helped elderly patients reduce insomnia and boost sleep quality. Along Kale, Carrots, Sweet Cherry and Vitamin B Complex additions, the pineal gland’s is assisted in melatonin production.

Have Difficulty Staying Focused?

As we acknowledge Omega 3s, Blueberries, Green Tea etc for its ability to optimize mental focus, we also know L-Tyrosine converts to the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, reducing stress and inducing motivational learning triggers, while L-Threanine helps boost cognition and focus.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Liquid Multi Nutrient Formula - Experience the Benefits Today!

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Even at ages 40 and well beyond 50, we couldn’t possibly envision a better health-sustaining supplement. Seriously, this Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula is absolutely DA BOMB. lol

Cammie Tyson

ATHLETES, TAKE NOTE! …cause I mean my recovery time IS CRAZY.. Wow. Even my performance feels more intense. Definitely worth the price for the quality and results. I’m sticking with this one.

Raphael Vega

“Exceptional Quality!
This company has truly impressed me.
I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall health and energy levels.

The transparency in their ingredients and their dedication to science-backed formulations make them a standout for me.
Plus, their ownership is top-notch—knowledgeable and helpful”


Struggled with focus and energy throughout the day. This product changed that. A convenient solution to my issues, I keep it in my office fridge. To me, the taste has seemed to have even improved, since 2018.

Bianca Hartman

Nourish with Nature: over 6,000mg Wholefood Sources in One Liquid Formula!

Elevate your daily nutrition game with our groundbreaking Liquid Multi-Nutrient blend. Drawing essence from a globally diverse selection of wholefood sources, this formula is your passport to peak wellness. Revel in nature’s unmatched bounty and watch your vitality soar. Isn’t it time you treated your body to the best?

An impressive liquid blend of 102 vitamins, minerals and other wholefood-sourced cellular health components.

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Liquid Multi-Vitamin

Contains Naturally Inspired, Certified Organic, and some Wild Grown Whole-Food Sources

These and much more

Dive deeper into Health

"In pursuit of #betterhealthtoday", with Dr. Lawrence Wilson MD, Nutritional Science

1) Most of us are born with nutrient deficiency and toxicity, thanks to deficiencies in our parents. Both nutrient deficiencies and toxic metals (which would require even more additional nutrients for their removal) are passed from mother to child through the placenta.


2) Today’s Soil Is In A Steady Nutrient Depletion Decline.
3) High-yield farms, producing Ten times the amount of produce grown on the same land as was grown 100 years ago. Today’s wheat contains about 6% protein whereas 100 years ago it contained 12-14%.
4) Modern Fertilizers Do Not Supply Enough Trace Elements. One hundred years ago, manures were used extensively for fertilizer. Today, superphosphate fertilizers have largely replaced manures. These contain mainly nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus and are deficient in the trace elements contained in manures.
5) Pesticides And Herbicides Kill Soil Microorganisms And Affect The Nutrition Of The Crops And Your Cells. Soil microorganisms are needed to make minerals and other nutrients available to plants. The result is lower nutrient content. Also, our bodies require extra nutrients to process pesticide residues that remain inside the foods. Harmful chemicals that severely tax the human system, pesticides often contain lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals that slowly accumulate in the body unless and until you follow strategic steps designed to remove them.
6) Long-Distance Transportation Of Many Foods Diminishes Their Nutrition. Many foods are grown hundreds to thousands of miles from population centers. They may spend weeks on trucks, trains, and store display floors than in your fridge before you consume. As soon as the food is harvested, the levels of certain nutrients begin to diminish.
7) Food Processing Can Drastically Reduce Nutrient Content. Refining wheat to make white flour removes 80% of its magnesium, 70-80% of its zinc, 87% of its chromium, 88% of its manganese, and 50% of its cobalt.
Refining sugar cane to make white sugar removes 99% of its magnesium and 93% of its chromium. Polishing rice removes 75% of its zinc and chromium. Canned foods are old and can contain metal contaminants. Frozen foods can be nutritionally better, but how fast they are frozen and stay frozen before you consume, them makes all the difference.
8) Food Additives Often Further Deplete Nutrients. Thousands of artificial flavors, colors, dough conditioners, stabilizers, and preservatives are added to many foods and other supplements today. While some are harmless short-term, many are toxic and can cause microscopic tears in your intestinal wall lining, causing scar tissue, thus inhibiting your nutrient absorptions. For example, EDTA added to some frozen vegetables to preserve the color of the vegetable does so by removing vital minerals from the vegetable so it does not “tarnish”.
9) Poor Digestion & Assimilation Due To Years Of Waste Accumulation Result In Poor Nutrient Absorption And Utilization. As a result of years of low-quality, processed & refined, foods with hundreds of various additives, the use of harmful food prep methods like drying, Microwaving & in some cases Boiling, impairs our entire digestion efficiency. This further impairment of nutrient absorption thus increases our nutritional needs. This is why Top Nutritional Balancing Programs, include vital organ detoxification agents and digestive aids like those found in Foundations Of Life Liquid Multi Supplement.
10) Stressful lifestyles deplete many nutrients including calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Zinc begins to be eliminated from the body within minutes of a stressful onset. This is why many people have white spots on their fingernails, for example. Stress causes excessive sympathetic nervous system activity, which reduces digestive strength. This, in turn, reduces nutrient absorption and utilization even further. Thus, anyone under stress will need even more nutrients than those that live a very peaceful and quiet existence.
11) Nutritional Supplements For Resolving Health Issues. The use of vitamins, minerals, food extracts, Pre/Probiotics, isolates, etc; for healing is extremely well-documented, even if it is denied by some “health authorities. Literally millions of pages of the research document the benefits of supplementary nutrient therapy for a wide range of illnesses.
12) Supplements For Mental And Emotional Healing. Many mental, and emotional problems and neurological conditions such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and many others also respond very well to nutrient supplement implementations.

The Loss of Nutritional Value in today's fruits and vegetables.

According to a 2004, Journal of American College of Nutrition publication,

Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, studied U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999 for dozens of different vegetables and fruits, finding “reliable declines” in the amount of various nutrients. Among those specifically identified and noted were; Proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C. Davis and his colleagues attributed this analysis of declining nutritional content to the poor and unethical agricultural practices cultivated to improve such traits as; size, growth rate and pest resistance, rather than the Quantifying Quality of Nutrient yields.

How does the Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula out-perform locally cultivated foods?

Physical anthropologist Katherine Milton, from the University of California, Berkeley; presented an interesting angle in the answering of that question. She studied primate diets in the wild and the nutritional differences between the foods they chose vs commercially cultivated foods. Her findings, primates selected wild leaves and fruits that contained more glucose and fructose (hexoses, like honey) and with less sucrose (disaccharide, like table sugar).

Most commercially cultivated fruits are Genetically Modified to elicit a greater sugary taste by evoking more sucrose development, rather than glucose sugars. Ironically the EXACT opposite of what our wild friends select. Since pulp fiber and seeds slow the digestion of the fruit’s sugar content, commercially cultivated fruits reflect a modern preference for low fiber and little to no seed content, while also Inhibiting Phyto-nutrient maturity. Thus, wild fruit choices can result in more efficient cell glucose activity with greater nutrient presence, than some commercially cultivated fruits.
-Living in the dangerous wild presents a much more stressful adaptation potential in plants. This heightened level of Survival Stress, enables them to develop more superior protective mechanisms-
Wild fruits and vegetables often contain more and a wider variety of phytochemicals overall. Wild purple and blue berries are identified to possess a higher concentration and wider variety of anthocyanins, some roughly 30% more than cultivated berries. Anthocyanins have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and breast cancer, and appear to improve blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar metabolism
With wild fruits having been analyzed and measured with much higher protein, vitamin C, minerals and various phyto factors which have proven to reduce oxidative stress within cells, help prevent cancer, slow the aging process, strengthen immunity and reduce inflammation, the addition of wild Phyto-nutrient sources used in the development of this Foundations Of Life Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula, is sure to be a “BEST CHOICE” Investment into your #BetterHealthToday Quest…
“Nutrient content is consistently measured at nearly 10 times greater in wild fruits like the Wild Maqui Berry Juice used in our Foundations Of Life ~ Multi`Nutrient Supplement, than in commercially cultivated varieties”. (Trey) B. C. Goodman Sr – Creator; NMRS, SMT, HHC

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Formulated by former Professional Athlete, Physical Therapy Specialist and Harvard Trained, Integrative Nutritional Health Scientist, B. C. (Trey) Goodman Sr.

Mr. Health and Fitness 2022 Finalist

Unveil the secret behind your wellness journey with products formulated by Trey Goodman, the 2022 Mr. Health and Fitness finalist. A dedicated husband, father, and revered naturopath, Trey brings his unique blend of expertise to each product. With his experience as a 5 sport athlete and a master of 30-day transformations, he crafts solutions that embody his holistic and athletic insights. Explore our range of products, each imbued with the wisdom and experience of Trey Goodman, to embark on a transformative health journey.

When our Harvard Certified Health & Wellness Practitioner, (Research Scientist B. C. Goodman Sr) became the first to develop a way to incorporate the astonishing benefits of Hemp Extract into the
Foundations Of Life ~ “Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula”, he further elevated the overall benefits of an already revolutionary All Inclusive One-Off General Health Supplement.

Our scalar Energy charged hemp extract goes an extra mile to optimally enhance the formula’s effectiveness, in promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep quality.

Now Entering Our Nutritional Health Arena:
“Scalar Wave Technology”

Scalar Wave Technology allows us to boost the vibrational frequency of molecular substances, supercharging the focused substances activity potential throughout our internal biosystem.

Our FOL ~ LMNF’s comprehensive nutrient blend profile, boosted with our patented Scalar Technology, ensures optimal absorption and overall health support for vitality, in a convenient liquid form.

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12 reviews for FOL Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula

  1. Samuel Phillips

    I’ve been searching for liquid vitamins that are affordable and offer a comprehensive range of nutrients. The liquid form is easy to swallow and I think it may be more readily absorbed than capsules, plus it has a surprisingly pleasant taste.
    Samuel Phillips – Great Falls, MT

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